The secret of happiness is freedom, and the secret of freedom, courage.

Freedom of Expression. Or FOE.

We know Foe is a negative term. We know it seems cynical. But that’s exactly what we are. We are a foe of bad design.

We believe in the unrestrained power of doing and thinking as one wants. And this is how we create beauty through minimal and sustainable design.

We are a bunch of crazy geniuses (self proclaimed, obviously) who combine design strategy, UI, UX and an awful lot of gusto to help our clients create their vision. Check us out, it’s literally a click away.

Thank you good human.

What we do

We love building.

Brands, Strategies, Websites, Communication and Lego. We give life to stories around products, businesses and most importantly people - to affect sensibility and create a stir.

How we do it

Simple, we love doing what we do.

Also, we love people. We love working with you to know your brand (the most reliable source if you ask us) and discovering your brand together. We use design, content, strategy and development to do it. We believe in simplicity and the power of a good conversation over a cuppa. Or beer. And fries. Definitely fries.

Much skill. Such wow.
This is how we create the bonds that connect brands to people in a symbolic way.
Once upon a time, in a nearby land, lived a bunch of storytellers. They all had two heads - one creative and one strategic. Also they were all pretty woke.


Brand design

Communication design: Social, Web and Print media

The way it looks. The way it works. The design. The development. We do it all.


User Experience



Roses are red. Lemons are sour. Wait till you check out our superpowers. We write words to make sentences. And sentences to create stories. And we are as good as our word. #word

In these ineffable times, amongst the colourful phosphenes, we do:

Copy writing

Story and script writing

The Usual Suspects
We love our clients. They love us. That's how we like it.
This is where all our great ideas you've heard or yet to hear go through some serious thoughts and actions.