EMI Solutions

Catapulting a brand’s ascent to a global platform

The world of electromagnetic frequency solutions is rapidly evolving and is critical for technology to keep up with the pace of innovation in real time.

Can we create an emotionally powerful statement for a B2B brand that cuts through the noise?
EMIS branding - logo design

The brand identity stimulates the idea of “continuous”. It throttles forward, constantly pushing the envelope, making it better with each time.


Modern iconography breaks the  language barriers to communicate the brand promise globally.


Brand Identity

Brand Extensions


The identity is composed of two parts, a circle and a frequency wave. The circle represents the world and the global footprint of the brand. The frequency wave denotes the continuity, the idea of optimising with each iteration. The emerald green is a new entrant in the industry landscape, portraying freshness and growth. The juxtaposed font is open, sans serif yet structured. It brings symmetry to the movement. The brand design conjures up continuity in a static design element, a clutter breaker in the world of steadfast, heavy logo identities. The modern strokes represent the brand idea of being agile, ’making it better’, and keeping up with the changing pace of the world around it.