Jolger Activewear

Flipping the alpha fitness narrative

Armed with a state of the art manufacturing facility in Jordan and a promise to provide innovative, superior quality, economical and sustainable activewear, Jolger wanted to position itself in India between premium luxury brands to normal polyester/cotton wears.

An antidote to the aggressive adrenaline and acute competitiveness, the brand encouraged people to move, celebrate every step, big or small.


Expressing movement in a static design.


Brand Identity

Brand Extensions

The brand logo is a modern and spartan black on white, allowing space for emotions in the brand world. The angular stroke and an abstract arrow depicts movement and speed. Muted tones were chosen for the secondary colour palette, with a lively but sparingly used accent colour allowing the brand visuals to take up space and be the hero of the communication. It also allowed flexibility in individually focusing on health, fitness and leisure, the three areas of attention for the brand. With a tagline of “Every move matters”, Jolger positioned itself as a gentle, supportive partner.