Mrdaa Potteryware

A love story, thousands of years old. Retold.

Clay pottery dates back thousands of years and can be traced back to many pre-neolithic era civilisations. As newer materials tickled the fancies of the customers, clay pottery retained its special place due to simplicity of form and function. What happened when we partnered with clay sculptors?
Mrdaa Potteryware branding - logo design

A brand that is an ode to the humble clay. It is a lover’s description of his muse -  gentle caresses and pauses define the communication. With purest devotion, it infuses inanimate objects with life.

Mrdaa Potteryware branding - product design - photography

Poetry meets pottery. A love letter to Earth. Handcrafted, unique and imperfect.


Brand Identity

Brand Extensions


Earthy tones annex the canvas as their own, simple patterns are relinquished to the background to elevate the simplicity of the clay. The brand logo is sculpted - with the typography arching and bowing as the letters spell out the brand. The earthen clay shade was chosen as the primary shade. The product line stood out against the stark contrasting white, lending it a sophisticated look while retaining the romance. The product nomenclature is an extension of the sonnet that is woven around the brand. Rustic, simple words that are parked in our memories. Words that are more a feeling than a description. For example, Dhani literally means green; but it takes one back to the fields dancing in the winds.