Sanjeeth Shetty

Bringing alive a polymath’s vision

Reimagining the brand world for a vision was exciting. The client is a force, channeling ideas and actions into various organisations and initiatives. How could we reimagine a vision, manifesting itself into various identities to create a brand family with a concurrent theme?
Sanjeeth Shetty - log design

Rearranging the same interlinked motif form as building blocks to communicate concurrence of the brand family.


Brand Identity

Brand Extensions

For the personal brand, a minimalist sphere was sliced half and one half was balanced on the centre of gravity of the other. Balanced, yet a potential to see beyond, it reflected the personality of the founder. A vibrant citrus tone was chosen to exhibit energy, creativity and warmth.

For the MME transformation business, the spheres were interlocked showcasing the investment of the firm into each of its clients’ business. It evoked trust, partnership and equity. The Van Deusen blue lends a flair of sophistication, business and legacy.

For the charitable foundation, the spheres were transposed to build a robust interlock, reminiscent of the strong foundation values, interdependence and collectivism. The cheerful pink palette denotes nurturing and playfulness.
Sanjeeth Shetty - logo designSanjeeth Shetty branding - logo design
Sanjeeth Shetty - logo designSanjeeth Shetty branding - logo design