Yagachi - Cape of Joy

Where dreams reside

In India, owning a home has always been an asset everyone strives for.  A second home is another story. Yagachi - Cape of Joy wanted to marry the idea of a luxurious lifestyle with a great investment sense. We were presented with a challenge of delicately balancing the  emotion and the rational.
Yagachi branding - logo design

Designing a sanctuary from the commotion of everyday mundane. Where time stands still and whimsical fantasies come alive. The luxury of unrushedness.

The creative device of waves is amplified to depict a getaway home, where slow life takes over.

Brand Identity

Brand Extensions

The logo is inspired by the waves of the glistening Yagachi river, a sanctuary from the commotion of everyday mundane, placed carefully in the lap of nature. The gurgling waters make their presence felt in the waves of the motif, which slowly transforms into a home. The flatter curves illustrate the dream of an idyllic lifestyle, offering one their own piece of land, water and tranquility.

Blue and white keep the palette fresh. A subliminal "Y" cues the insignia - keeping it subtle and exclusive.